PILC 2017 Professional Workshops

PILC 2017 Workshops: Creative Leadership

PILC Conference offers an opportunity to present papers on current leadership issues and trends in its scientific program, as well as a chance to acquire or practice leadership skills through its professional program. Traditionally, the Conference deals with topics related to leadership and management in business, education, sports, tourism, and industry.

The professional program of the PILC 2017 Conference will be dedicated to topics in Creative Management. The workshop attendees will have the opportunity to gain new skills that will enable them to facilitate creativeness with their teams and in their everyday work.

The workshops will enable attendees to enhance their leadership capabilities through self-assessments, practice cases, instruction from facilitators, and highly- interactive discussion. A great company culture can make organizations thrive even in the worst of economic times, while a dysfunctional culture can kill even the best of visions and strategic planning. The workshops will not only refer to personal managerial and leadership skills, but put an emphasis on working with teams within organizations and managing their creative processes.

Workshop topics and facilitator

Workshop topics:

• Section: Creativity In team management

• Workshop Title: Imperfect Excellence

TIM BAXTER (MIB Trieste School of Management)

Tim is the Associate Director of the MBA in International Business at MIB Trieste School of Management. He is a corporate trainer in the Leadership Dynamics area with particular focus on international leadership and change management. He was born in Bangkok and grew up in five different countries before moving to Italy in 1990. He currently lives in Istria, Croatia.

An MBA in International Business alumni, he worked for an international diversity management company and a business consultancy before returning to full time training and facilitation. He is an accredited trainer in a global leadership program for a leading multinational and has considerable experience in blended learning and virtual class facilitation. As of 2011 he is on the Italian state’s register of approved trainers. Tim has also been a keynote speaker at TedX Ljubljana, the GE Oil & Gas Leadership event in Florence and at the Top Management Forum, Milan.