About PILC


The PAR International Leadership Conference (PILC) is a unique scientific and professional conference built on the partnership of the Business School PAR and the Iacocca Institute. It is known as the first and only professional and scientific conference on leadership in Croatia that has been held in Opatija since 2012.

PILC offers an opportunity to present papers on current leadership issues and trends in its scientific program, as well as a chance to acquire or practice leadership skills through its professional program. Traditionally, the Conference deals with topics related to leadership and management in business, education, sports, tourism, and industry.

PILC is also specific for its dedication to the leaders of the modern age – those who wish to share their leadership skills, improve or develop them. PILC has a unique program structure that includes a scientific and a professional part.


The conference is envisioned as a gathering of science and economy experts, where management knowledge and leadership skills will be exchanged, at the same time providing managers and leaders with the incentive to further their business and a global market knowledge industry, to develop and expand professional networks. All other participants will have the opportunity to develop their skills, visions, improve their business and their leadership knowledge, and develop entrepreneurial thinking.


We believe that it is our mission to promote both educational practice and leadership development for the benefit of the society in general, and to empower individuals and organizations to look for opportunities to improve their skills, while encouraging younger generations to expand their knowledge at the same time.

The Conference's overall objective

The conference aims to provide a combination of experience and knowledge from the areas of business management and leadership necessary to develop the skills needed to effectively lead, and to maximize the interaction between the conference participants, with the objective to increase the global competitiveness of organizations, institutions and individuals. Join us in the examination of innovative practice through a variety of highly interactive learning experiences and programs.

Who Should Attend

Top American and European economic experts, CEOs and their deputies, Deans, university professors, national consultants, and students gathered in one place and involved in various programs and interactive panels, seminars and workshops.

Why Attend the Conference

In the pleasant environment of the Opatija Riviera we offer you a three-day learning experience where we encourage the sharing of ideas, issues and challenges with other participants, and the involvement of prominent world speakers and presenters.

Program goals:

  • Raising awareness of personal individual leadership styles;
  • Acquiring the values and foundations of leadership;
  • Identifying how leadership affects the management of hierarchy and vice versa;
  • Recognizing the difference between leaders and managers, and the situations in which each needs to prevail;
  • Building internal and external relationships that lead to future success;
  • Creating of an appropriate organizational culture.

Organizing Committee


  • - Business School PAR, Rijeka, Croatia


  • - Business Academy Rijeka, Rijeka, Croatia


Business school PAR, Croatia

President of Program-Organization Committee:
Gordana Nikolic, Ph.D.
Director, Business Academy Rijeka
Dean, Business School PAR

International Program Committee:

This year’s international program committee is comprised of internationally renowned academics and/or professionals:

  • - Gordana Nikolić, Ph.D. (HR)
  • - Vladimir Rosić, Ph.D. (HR)
  • - Vidoje Vujić, Ph.D. (HR)
  • - Karl Nilsen, Ph.D. (DE)
  • - Albert Nonnemacher, Ph.D. (DE)
  • - Akademik Marijan Blažić, Ph.D. (SLO)
  • - Velimir Srića, Ph.D. (HR)
  • - Dušan Ristić, Ph.D. (SRB)
  • - Veljko Milutinović, Ph.D. (SRB)
  • - Cvetko Smilevski, Ph.D. (MKD)
  • - Oliver Momčilović, Ph.D. (SRB)
  • - Vladimir Šimunović, Ph.D. (HR)
  • - Peter Hohberger, Ph.D. (DE)
  • - Vedran Mornar, Ph.D. (HR)
  • - Nina Pološki Vokić, Ph.D. (HR)
  • - Richard M. Brandt, Ph.D. (USA)
  • - Zoran Aranđelović, Ph.D. (SRB)
  • - Slobodan Ćamilović, Ph.D. (BIH)
  • - Slavko Arsovski, Ph.D. (SRB)
  • - Blanka Kesić, Ph.D. (HR)
  • - Nenad Vunjak, Ph.D. (SRB)
  • - Kadrija Hodžić, Ph.D. (SRB)
  • - Lidija Stefanovska, Ph.D. (MKD)
  • - Ljubiša Stojmirović, Ph.D. (SRB)
  • - Nada Kaiser, Ph.D. (DE)
  • - Dragoljub Amidžić, Ph.D. (HR)
  • - Srđan Krčo, Ph.D. (SRB)
  • - Ramiz Kikanović, Ph.D. (BIH)
  • - Konrad Wrona, Ph.D. (NL)
  • - Alexander Gluhak, Ph.D. (UK)
  • - Naum Ilievski, Ph.D. (MKD)
  • - Bisera Karanović, Ph.D. (HR)
  • - Carol S. Ham, MEd (USA)
  • - Andrea Milić-Grenko, MSc (AT)
  • - Julie Sterrett, MA (USA)
  • - Dragan Janjušić, MSc (SRB)
  • - Ozren Uzelac, MSc (SRB)

Members of the Organizing Committee:

  • - Gordana Nikolić, Ph.D., Dean of Business School PAR and President of the PILC Organization Committee
  • - doc. dr.sc. Bisera Karanović
  • - dipl. ing. Lidija Starčević
  • - Martina Jurković, MA
  • - Valentina Janjetić, MA
  • - Valentina Vitenberg, MA
  • - Nenad Antolović, MA
  • - Tihana Kalčić, MA
  • - Sanela Kanić, MA
  • - Natali Talan, MA
  • - Dino Udović, student
  • - Martina Perić, student
  • - Vanja Dedić

PAR is an acronym of the Croatian name Business Academy Rijeka, founder of the Business School PAR. The almost 10-year long experience in business, projects, and consulting adds a value to the entrepreneurial orientation of the first private higher education in the  city of Rijeka, the biggest Croatian sea port.

The Business School PAR is the first and only private higher education institution in the greater Rijeka region, the biggest Croatian sea port on the northern Adriatic coast.

The PAR tradition began in 2007 when the Business Academy was representative of international educational institutions and programs, as the first of its kind in the city of Rijeka. The experience of conducting such international programs led to the founding of a Croatian higher education institution that would swiftly respond to the needs of modern students and the labor market.

The Business School PAR is an independent higher education institution that connects the business sector and academia, develops innovative international programs, and forms partnerships with the business sector. By creating a positive impact on the economy, and an empowering influence on the students, PAR strongly supports the startup culture, life-long learning, and entrepreneurship.


PAR has an unconventional approach to education, mainly because of the practical knowledge it provides, the trends it incorporates, and the guest lectures of successful entrepreneurs and businessmen and women students can attend. Also, there are a lot of events to take part in. I have expanded my horizon, and became aware of the global connection, and the intercultural interaction both in business and in the social context. I am motivated to pursue my career and continue studying. - Marija B., 45, PAR Alumni

The generation of 2015

The generation of 2016

The idea for the Iacocca Institute at Lehigh University emerged from the questions, 'How do you go about building global leadership? How do you demonstrate to people from different worlds that their commonalities are greater than their differences?' Lee Iacocca

GV_promo2The Iacocca Institute at Lehigh University provides innovative leadership, applied management and cross-cultural learning experiences. Our primary mission is to improve leadership and entrepreneurship skills, to enhance business and industry knowledge and to demonstrate the positive impact of culture and diversity in an organizational setting.

The Iacocca Institute provides unparalleled professional opportunities to learn, network, and develop new best practices and professional skills.

Programs include:

  • Global Village for Future Leaders of Business and Industry© program,
  • Global Village on the Move programs,
  • the Pennsylvania School for Global Entrepreneurship,
  • Professional Education,
  • Lee Iacocca International Internship program.

Iacocca Institute staff members are dedicated to cultivating the potential of individuals by empowering the leaders of today and tomorrow.

Empowering the leaders of today and tomorrow, the Iacocca Institute focuses on developing programs and activities critical to leadership. The Iacocca Institute was jointly formed in 1988 by Lee A. Iacocca and Lehigh University. One of the most famous business people in the world and most exposed 20th century manager, Mr. Iacocca's Institute aims to bring its program and "know how" to future managers and leaders.

Mr. Richard Brandt with Dušan Rudić, Ph.D. the former Dean of the Polytechnic of Rijeka on the left, and Gordana Nikolić, Ph.D., Dean of the Business School PAR, on the right

Mr. Richard Brandt with Dušan Rudić, Ph.D. the former Dean of the Polytechnic of Rijeka on the left, and Gordana Nikolić, Ph.D., Dean of the Business School PAR, on the right

MIB Trieste School of Management

MIB School of Management is a center of advanced learning based in Trieste – Italy, that has been offering managerial education courses and conducting research in all areas of international management for over 20 years.

MIB develops programs of high quality, strongly oriented to the specific needs of the labor market, with notable job placement percentage (93% average 2009).

MBAs and Masters are taught in English and bring together students from all around the world (60 different countries are represented): the richness of diverse personal and professional backgrounds make MIB a unique experience.

MBAs, Masters of Science in Tourism, Insurance, Finance and Risk Management, Executive programs, specialization Courses are driven by an international faculty made up of 200 professors, experts, professionals and consultants from 25 countries.

The school fosters internationalism in many ways, from an exceptionally diverse faculty and student body to internships and placement abroad, overseas study tours, connections with managers of multi-nationals and business leaders.

MIB Trieste School of Management